White Paper: Telecom & Wireless Cost Control: What Pros Need to Know

Madison, WI (June 26, 2012) – Valicom, a twenty-one year veteran of telecom expense management (TEM), today published a new white paper entitled “Telecom & Wireless Cost Control: What You Need to Know” covering best practices in managing telecom, wireless and mobility costs. The white paper is a good introduction to the elements of a strong telecom and wireless management program.  The paper also showcases how modern web-based telecom expense management software tools support the use of these best practices.

As voice and wireless deployments get more complex, it is important to leverage intelligent management tactics to identify and address cost savings opportunities.  And with new options being introduced by vendors and carriers as technology changes, it becomes ever more critical to understand your environment.

Jeff Poirior, President and COO at Valicom, says “We find that many companies can’t answer the simple question ‘What is your annual telecom spend?’.  It blows my mind.  As they say ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’.  And with new options like Wireless Data Pooling hitting the market, you need detailed information on your services or you can’t weigh new pricing plans against the old.  Will it save you money?  If you don’t know what it costs now, how do you make that decision?”

Continuing, Mr. Poirior says “To help, we tried to distill our top ideas into this paper, so telecom, IT or finance pros can quickly understand where they should focus their energy to gain control over their management challenges and costs.”

Valicom offers Clearview, its web-based telecom expense, inventory and invoice management software, and delivers an a la carte suite of telecom and wireless management solutions.  This supports the best practice of only using the services your business really needs.

To download the white paper, “Telecom & Wireless Cost Control: What You Need to Know” visit  http://www.valicomcorp.com/Knowledge/whitepapers.aspx