How moving to iPads saves energy costs

We always talk about telecom expense management in the traditional sense – audit your invoices, negotiate your contracts, keep track of your stuff.  These are great ways to cut your telecom budget.  But the folks at Tech Republic have gone a step further.  They just did an interesting piece on how switching from traditional desktops, or laptops, to energy-sipping iPads can cut your utility bill!

Granted, they never throw in the cost of a data plan for those suckers, but if you are on site, you’re tapping into wi-fi anyway, so we can consider that a moot point.  At least until they leave the building.  

So check this out to see the overall savings you can generate.  For comparison, they use a 15″ Macbook Pro, Dell OptiPlex 980 desktops with LCD monitor, Dell Latitude XT2 XFR and our aforementioned iPad.

Read the full article, and energy cost savings findings >>