Case Study: Wired & Wireless Audit

In our 21-year history of doing telecom expense management, we’ve racked up a lot of success stories.   Sometimes seeing those stories help to illustrate exactly what it is we do for our clients.    The following is an outline of a case study where a client realized considerable savings by optimizing their wireless plans and users.

Industry:  Product Safety Testing & Certification Organization

Wired Telecom Analysis

  • Annual Spend – $4.5M
  • Annual Savings – $431,400

Wireless Telecom Analysis

  • Annual Spend – $2M
  • TEM Solution Savings – $550,327
  • Plan/User Optimization Savings – $192,570

The wireless savings were primarily accomplished through pooled plan optimization and evaluation of ex-employee and zero use wireless phones. It was handled via a combination of our web-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool Clearview and business process outsourcing.  That way they got the benefits and visibility of a robust software tracking and reporting system, and the brain power of a trained Telecom Audit Team.

And this is a somewhat typical example of a client who brought us on to manage their more traditional wireline telephone environment, and then enlisted us to help with their wireless situation as that grew more complex.