8 tips for outfitting your sales team with tablets

TechRepublic had a great article on things to think about when outfitting your sales staff with tablets for the first time. The article is called Seven Tips for Outfitting Your Sales Team with Tablets.

We would agree on all points, and add one more.

  1. Develop a standard tablet setup for the sales team
  2. Create tablet-friendly marketing and sales content
  3. Make the standard sales team tablet a communications hub
  4. Test first, then sell
  5. Don’t forget technology training and documentation
  6. Account for tablets in sales productivity metrics
  7. Deploy sales training to the tablet

They key points they address are all important, but nowhere in this list do they discuss cost! If you’re rolling out expensive new toys for your staff, you might want to plan ahead to get the best deal on all the data plans that are going to hit your bottom line.  Wireless carriers are not about to roll out the red carpet and offer you a strong package at a great price…  at least not if you don’t ask.  Or pool your data.  Or think about it at all, which – unfortunately – is probably how most things like this get deployed.  “We need it.  Do it.”  And then later, its “Oops – this cost us HOW much?!”

So to try and head that off at the pass, we’d add #8.  Think About Costs.  Do your homework.  See which carrier, which device, and which plans will save you the most money long term.  If you need some help, talk to someone with experience in wireless and and data expense management.