Telecom Resellers and IT System Integrators Need Telecom Expense Management Now More Than Ever

Valicom is a member of TEMIA – the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association. Thus we wanted to pass on this blog post and invite our readers to participate in the survey as well.

By Joe Basili, Managing Director, TEMIA

Telecom Resellers, IT System Integrators and Telecom Agents need Telecom Expense Management, TEM, Wireless Expense Management, WEM, and Mobile Device Management, MDM now more than ever. This may seem like a contradiction, but here are eight reasons these services should be part of their portfolio of offerings. Also, be sure to participate in our survey.

  1. As commissions from telecom carriers shrink, TEM, WEM and MDM can provide new revenue and consistent income for agents.
  2. Carriers are seeking partners that have ongoing customer contact and bring value to the relationship.
  3. Resellers are working to help enterprises transform their networks. TEM, WEM and MDM programs provide critical Business Intelligence to efficiently implement the work and ensure that legacy services are discontinued and removed from billing.
  4. Customers do not want to buy telecommunications services they do not need or pay extra for them.
  5. Customers and resellers benefit from reporting that consolidates clients’ carrier expenses together and validates these charges. Having this information can be critical to managing client relationships.
  6. Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management and Mobile Device Management provide confirmation that agents are providing efficient service to their clients and controlling telecom costs. Solutions Integrators, System Integrators and Telecom Agents get tangible proof from Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management and Mobile Device Management reports that clients are realizing savings.
  7. Managing mobile devices is one of the top challenges that enterprises face. Many organizations are seeking to address rapidly rising mobile expenses through a proactive approach with wireless expense management solutions.
  8. TEM WEM and MDM Solutions Providers offer best practices that can help enterprises manage their networks and mobile devices more proactively.

The TEM market is poised to grow for years to come. As long as network and network-related expenses remain among the top five expense items on the profit and loss statement, and the percentage of revenue coming across the network versus a cash register drawer continues to grow, TEM will remain central to the profitability and success of the enterprise. These developments show promise for resellers/agents, Value added Resellers or VARs, Systems Integrators, dealers and interconnects that seek to attract new customers and sell more services with new functionality to clients.

This post, refers to Wireless Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, and other items as part of TEM. Many people feel that TEM is too limiting because it does not convey all the activities that enterprises need to manage relating to telecom. This includes: Sourcing; TEM; Wireless Expense Management; Mobile Device Management; Mobile Security Management; IT Infrastructure Management; Management of vendors responsible for network communications and IT Infrastructure. Which term do you feel best describes the industry and the functions that it performs?