What does Earth Day have to do with Telecom Management?

What does Earth Day have to do with Telecom Management? Normally? Nothing. But in honor of the planet’s upcoming birthday, we thought we’d share a few things you can do to “green up” your telecom management practice. Because, as they say, every little bit helps….

Switch to electronic telecom invoice processing. 

This is an easy one.  No one likes paper anyway, its so 1990.  So if you haven’t yet, talk to all your telecom and wireless providers and work to get your billing electronically.  You can just get e-copies of invoices, or you can outsource invoice management to a third party firm who deals with it for you, possibly loading all the data into a software you can use to manage your entire telecom environment.  But however you do it, now is the time!

Implement a telecom device recycling program. 

Another one that isn’t as hard as it sounds, or as hard as it USED to be.  It used to be a pain to find someone to take your old stuff, but a whole industry has arisen to deal with this problem.  If you aren’t big enough to warrant finding a company to deal with your cast-offs, then at least investigate your city or county recycling regulations.  Most municipalities take all sorts of electronics for recycling, from your old dead phone to your new dead flat-screen TV.  As an example, our own Madison City Recycling Center has a fabulous “Recyclopedia” that tells you what to do with darn near anything you can think of – INCLUDING cell phones!

Switch to EnergyStar compliant computers or laptops.

With the merging of “telecom” and “IT” that is going on in the market, we think we can get away with adding this green tip.  EnergyStar is a government agency tasked with testing products of all types and determining which ones sip the least amount of energy.  Those devices earn the EnergyStar’s coveted brand.  If you or your team is due for some new machines, it is worth checking their Computer Rating page to see if you can pick a green choice.  You can also just make sure all employees are utilizing the computer’s built in energy management program, to reduce its consumption.  It will not only save the earth, but it will save on YOUR energy bill if those suckers are plugged into your office outlet all day.   Win win!