Telecom Savings Case Study: Cursory Telecom Invoice Auditing

Want a good example of low hanging fruit?  Cursory telecom invoice auditing.  Whether you do it yourself via a web-based telecom expense management software like Clearview, or hire an outside TEM firm to do it for you, this is a first step in cleaning out your telecom closet.   Cursory auditing just means identifying, flagging, and correcting easy-to-find issues during regular telecom invoice processing.  In other words, actually LOOK at your bills and see what is wrong.

Here’s how well something that easy can work.  The following is a case study outline of a company who saved over $104,000 by implementing cursory audit findings:

  • Nationwide Accounting Firm
  • 1800 Employees
  • Using TEM Solution for 7 Years
  • SaaS Powered BPO – 5 years.   Pure SaaS – 2 years
  • $1.8M Annual Telecom Spend

$104,300 Cursory Audit Savings

$673,000 Annualized Savings Overall

Here’s an example: One of their PRI’s had reverted to tariff rate in the middle of their contract. Charges went up from $500 to over $2,000 per month. By correcting this error, they were able to affect cost avoidance of $19,000 annually and received a credit of over $3,000 for the two months in which this overcharge occurred.