Cursory Telecom Invoice Auditing: Software Tools Make it Easy

We just talked about how cursory telecom invoice auditing can reap huge rewards. Now lets talk about tools to make that process easier.

Telecom expense management software can be a useful tool in the process of identifying cursory audit items.  The program can visually show you your invoice queue, reflecting legitimate invoices that are pushed through the tool, providing one month and six month cost trending information along with percentage variances.

It also offers flags certain cursory audit items you should watch for, such as:

  • Third party downloads for wireless services
  • Thrifty” invoices which reflect high long distance rates because the local line that the calls are associated with have not been added to the contract.
  • Slamming” which occurs when your chosen long distance carrier on a local line or trunk is changed to another vendor without your authorization and is billed at a much higher “casual billing” rate.
  • Cramming” which is the term used for third party charges that appear on your local bill for services you have not authorized.

Once you can see what you’re doing, it is far easier to track down the things that are bloating your telecom budget so you can deal with them.  As we like to say, “When You See; You Save.”

See how Clearview TEM Software makes cursory auditing easy.  Get a Demo.