Telecom Expense Management: The 5 Questions You Should be Asking

Join Valicom November 13 for a webinar titled “Telecommunications Expense Management – Five Questions You Should be Asking.” Managers who need to control costs for managing mobile and fixed expenses should register for this free webinar on Tuesday, November 13 at 10 am CST.

Jeff Poirior, president and chief operating officer of Valicom points out “We really want to shake up the industry by forcing people to look at telecommunications management with fresh eyes. While some firms have yet to implement a strong TEM program, others have one in place but may not know what they THINK they know about its effectiveness. These questions are designed to dig deep into your processes, your environment, your management style and really make you think about whether you are doing it right or not.”

Lacinda Athen, marketing manager at Valicom and co-presenter of the webinar, continues “TEM is a mature industry, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows all the best practices and can see all the angles. Being in the business for 21 years, we designed the questions to illustrate the various facets of a well oiled, cost-effective telecom management program. The hope is that they will allow executives to check in, and make sure they are covering all their bases.”

Managers who work for SMBs, enterprises, government, and other organizations that areinterested in best practices and strategies to limit risk, gain visibility and make smarter business decisions should register for Telecom Expense Management: The 5 Questions You Should be Asking.