Valicom: Panelist at Society of Telecom Consultants Conference

As a vendor member of the Society of Telecom Consultants, we are proud to participate in this year’s conference in Baltimore, MD October 9-12, 2012. Join Valicom for a TEM panel discussion to open the conference on Tuesday, October 9: 1 – 2:45 pm.

TEM Panel Discussion – Auditor vs. TEM

This Panel debates the age old question – Man or Machine? Only this time it is a telecom auditor vs. a TEM provider. We will have a lively discussion between two consultants and two TEM providers (one being our own Jeff Poirior!) The main focus will be – when and where an auditor beats a TEM solution – and when and what are the TEMs best applications. Join us for what will be some strong opinions.

The Panelists

  • Jeff Poirior, President & COO ~ Valicom
  • John Murray, VP of Sales ~ Active Business Network
  • Randi Smaldone, President ~ TRAK Communications
  • Art Yonemoto, President ~ Yonemoto & Associates

Unable to attend the conference?

Enjoy a a copy of our newest white paper TEM in 2012: History and Trends. Then feel free to visit our White Paper Library to access many other free papers on a variety of topics.

Is the TEM of today the TEM of tomorrow?

Get a brief solid overview of the telecommunications management industry – where it came from, where it stands now, and trends for the future.  Recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about TEM and how it is evolving as the telecom landscape shifts and matures.