5 Resolutions to Tackle Telecom Costs in 2012

A fresh new year, a fresh new start.  Don’t we always think that?  “If I just do XY and Z better than last year, boy wouldn’t things be great!”

Well, we’re never ones to discourage positive thinking.  So to give you a kick start, we’ve cooked up five “resolutions” to get you on the right track to reducing your telecom and wireless expenses in 2012.

1. Do a simple inventory of your telecom assets

What do you have?  Who has it?  Are you using all of it?  Do you NEED all of it? This is a good way to identify zero or no use users and devices, so you can cancel them.

2. Do a cursory audit of your main telecom bills

Now that you have that inventory, are you paying for what you’re supposed to be paying for?  Are you getting hit with any taxes, fees, setup charges or 3rd party bills you didn’t know about?  Did you cancel anything that didn’t get cancelled?  Do they owe you any credits?

3. Check your contracts

When I say check contracts, I mean two things.  One – are you getting billed at the rate you agreed to pay in the original contract?  And secondly – when does that contract come due for renewal?  That last one is important, since you can’t renegotiate from a strong position if you wait til three days before it expires.

4. Optimize your wireless environment

With “all you can eat” data plans going the way of the dodo, user usage is going to become a bigger pain in your neck this year.  Find out who is using wireless devices (smart phones, blackberries, tablets) and what they use them for.  Do they need it?  Can you pool plans together to minimize costs?  Can you ratchet down some user’s plans while ramping up others based on need?

5. Get Organized

With the wave of new web-based, low cost subscription softwares to track telecom assets and expenses, there is no excuse not to use good management tools.  The money you save will more than offset the subscription fees, and it will save you a lot of time and effort.  And who doesn’t need more Money and Time!