Fall Financial Makeover: Why you need Telecom Expense Management

Last post we talked about how fall and winter are good times to start thinking about your telecom and wireless cost control plans.   What cost reduction ideas do you have? How do you plan to reduce telecom expenses?

If you aren’t thinking about it, let us remind you why you should care…..

Statistics show that most firms pay too much for voice, wireless and data:

  • Up to 35%* of telecom invoices have ERRORS
  • No wireless policy = 40%* MORE spent on mobile services
  • No telecom expense management program = 22%* MORE spent in total annual costs!

Now I don’t know about you, but if I had a bucket, and I knew it had a hole in the bottom, I’d find some super glue to plug that baby up.  Finding the leak in your telecom budget is no different.   So stick around, we are going to start a series posts on telecom cost reduction ideas from our recent webinar “How Software Tools andStrong Tactics Contain Telecom Costs”.

If you simply can’t wait, and want some good tips now, you can also register and download our white paper “Plugging the Leak:  Six Steps Towards Managing Your Telecom Expenses” Then stay tuned to learn more…..

* Forrester Research   ** AOTMP Report “The Importance of a Wireless Policy”    *** AOTMP Report “The Value of TEM to SMB“