Kicking off Fall on good financial footing: What is telecom expense management?

It’s fall, and while most eyes are turning to football, those in charge of company finances are eyeing balance sheets and chewing their fingernails thinking about year end reports.  So we thought it might be a good time for a reminder that you should also be taking steps to cut the fat from your telecom and wireless budget.

You do that by implementing a strong telecom expense management plan.  Wondering what that means?   Well, here is the short and dirty version.  “You pay too much for voice, wireless and data services.  Figure out why, and Fix it.”

Sounds easy, right?   Well, maybe not.  Yes, there are basic steps to reduce telecom expenses you should implement, best practices you can follow, and low hanging fruit you should be able to address pretty simply.   And by doing so, you can save 10-30% of your annual telecom budget.  Not too shabby.   Even if you can’t pull it off for this year, start to prepare for next year.

So watch this blog for a series of telecom cost reduction ideas from our recent webinar “How Software Tools andStrong Tactics Contain Telecom Costs”.  If you don’t want to wait, and want some good tips now, you can also register and download our white paper “Plugging the Leak:  Six Steps Towards Managing Your Telecom Expenses”

Then stick around, you might learn something…..