Telecom Tactic #5: Telecom Issue Tracking

A difficult task for any IT or telecom manager is issue tracking and change management.   People get hired and fired, buildings open and close, and products get retired and replaced.  You need to know WHAT is going on, WHO did it, WHEN it happened and if it actually got done. 

That last one is important, especially when you’re dealing with services you are paying for.  If you cancelled something, you better make sure the carrier actually did it, or you will pay for it forever.

So a major part of a good telecom expense management program is to know what to track, how to tie the data together so you get “big picture” information, and where to store everything.  Clearview is a good solution, or so we think – since we use it too- as it has great places to make notes, interrelate records, and allow multiple users to edit and see what is going on. (Get a Demo to see how)

Telecom Issue Tracking

More Tracking = Better Results

  • No issue is too small or too big.  Track everything.
  • Every touch point with an issue should be recorded in issue history.

Associate Issues with Accounts/Inventory

  • Know when an account or inventory item already has an issue.
  • Promote follow-up and accurate closing of issues.


  • Provide access to issues for multiple users – more productive.
  • Expose issues results to upper management.
  • Handle internal turnover and the continuation of work.

Savings and Credits

  • Track both estimated and actual savings/credit amounts.
  • Validate savings and credits on future invoicing.
  • Provide reporting on savings by vendor, service type and more.

Now that you know what to do, you need a place to keep all this data.  We would suggest you check out Clearview, our web-based telecom management software.

And for more good telecom management tips, you can also register and download our white paper “Plugging the Leak:  Six Steps Towards Managing Your Telecom Expenses”