Telecom Tactic #4: Telecom Invoice Auditing – Wireline

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Telecom invoice auditing.  Every piece of paper that comes into your office from a carrier is a place to save money.  Incorrect charges, setup fees you were never supposed to pay, items not billing to contract terms – there are a lot of reasons you are paying too much for your telecom services.

Let’s start with wireline best practices.  (wireline= Here is what you should be looking for….   And as we always remind you, if you don’t have a good way to showcase these overcharges, then you should look into Clearview – our TEM Software.  Clarity counts.  When you See, You Save.

Telecom Invoice Auditing – Cursory Audit Items

Here is what you need to be watching for every time – the “easy stuff” that you should be able to find in a cursory overview of your telecom invoices.  Clearview makes this a lot easier, as it automatically flags a lot of these items.  (Get a Demo to see how)

  • 3rd party billing
  • Local calling plans
  • Low and/or no usage lines
  • LD calls on LEC invoices
  • Inside wire maintenance
  • Usage rate compliance
  • Slamming
  • 900/976 unauthorized calling
  • Installation, termination & repair charges
  • Thrifty invoices

Telecom Invoice Auditing – Comprehensive Audit Items

If you’re doing a more thorough audit, or having a telecom expense management firm like Valicom do it for you, these are the deeper items they should be looking for. We also use Clearview when we perform audits.  (Get a Demo to see how)

  • CSR analysis
  • Contract compliance
  • Contract audit & review
  • Voice & data network optimization
  • Network services analysis