What MSPs and IT Consultants Need to Know About TEM

In a recent post over at Channel Partners, Joe Basili did a great job of boiling down why master agents, IT consultants and MSPs would care about telecom expense management.

  1. With carrier commissions from carriers shrinking, TEM can provide new revenue and consistent income.
  2. Clients are seeking partners that have ongoing customer contact and bring value to the relationship.
  3. No customer wants to buy services they do not need or pay extra for services.
  4. Customers and agents benefit from reporting that consolidates all carrier expenses and validates charges.
  5. TEM provides visibility that agents are providing efficient service to their clients, controlling costs and proof that clients are realizing savings.
  6. TEM providers offer best practices that can help enterprises manage their networks more proactively.

Valicom has been making the same argument – as margins shrink elsewhere, IT providers are seeking new recurring revenue streams and unique ways to be a trusted advisor to their end user clients.  Adding telecom and wireless management solutions to their portfolio does both as we lay out in our one-page“To the Point: How TEM Software Can Benefit Your Business” overview.  Using Clearview, our telecom & wireless expense management platform, as a springboard, MSPs and IT consultants can add a variety of services to their offering – inventorymanagement, invoice auditing, wireless optimization – and deliver greater value.   To find out more. request a demo of Clearview today.