Don't wait until your next Telecom RFP to get prepared

As we discussed in our recent webinar “Plugging the Leak: Software Tools and Strong Tactics to Contain Telecom & Wireless Costs”, telecom contract RFPs and negotiation are the #1 way to save money on telecom.

When telecom contracts come due and it’s time to go out for RFP, there is often a huge increase in telecom expense managers workload in order to prepare the required information for all of the telecommunications carriers in the RFP.

An easy way to always be prepared to negotiate telecom contracts and perform telecom RFP’s is to maintain an up-to-date TEM database of your telecommunications spend.  Another option is to have a telecom expense management vendor like Valicom do it for you.  We have clients who go both routes.  many want to prepare for the telecom contract negotiation on their own, but have us in reserve to show up at the bargaining table.

A TEM firm like Valicom has the expertise and experience to not only make sure that you have a constantly updated database available to you at any point, but also to coach you through the entire telecom contract negotiation and RFP process.

So don’t wait until you get that reminder from sourcing that your long distance contract is coming do in 90 days.  Get organized now by preparing your inventory, figuring out your future needs, talking to other departments to see what changes are coming down the pipeline and determine exactly what you need.   Then you can write up and RFP and have time to analyze the results before your renewal date.