Invasion of the Tablets: iPad Accounts for 25.5% of all Mobile Browsing

A variety of articles recently have been discussing that iPads account for 1% of all current internet traffic.  That’s not bad for one tablet, but then Apple launched the iPad 14 months ago with total sales topping 25 million devices. Last month, research firm comScore reported that the iPad comprised 89 percent of global tablet traffic. A May survey from Nielsen found Apple’s touchscreen tablet held 82 percent of the tablet market in the U.S.  It will take a long time for any tablet competitor to catch up.

Then when we look at all mobile browsing going on, another interesting stat shows up.  Even with the zillions of smart phones out there, the iPad alone makes up almost a third of all mobile browsing, at 25.5%.    Most experts presume this number will only go up, as consumers and business users alike find more ways to replace laptops or netbooks with tablets over the next 18 months.

What impact will that have on your business’s telecom expense management program?  It is something to think about.  The 3G, and eventually 4G, data plans for these tablets aren’t cheap.  Matching your true wireless data service needs to your plans is a good place to start.  Verify usage and ensure that the devices and plans being requested are actually necessary, then optimize as tight as possible.