Insights from our latest TEM webinar – The Pain of Telecom Invoice Auditing

While hosting our summer webinar we gained some insight into our audience’s telecom challenges. To help the attendees learn from their peers, and to keep them awake, we offered a few poll questions with interesting results….

The first question asked what they found their biggest telecom management challenge to be.   I was curious to see where the main pain points fell among the usual culprits – telecom inventory management, wireless device and plan control, telecom invoice auditing and processing, issue tracking and credit recovery or vendor management.

75% of the attendees said telecom invoice auditing and processing was their biggest hurdle.   Based on what our clients come to us for, I would probably concur with that.  The piles of paper and the expertise to know what to look for while auditing, are both challenging.

The next biggest response was telecom inventory management.  Knowing WHAT you have is half the battle.  At least if your inventory is accurate you can sort of tell what you should be paying for, and we spend a lot of time organizing and updating inventories for our clients.  Clearview, our telecom expense management software, is great for helping with that.

Feel free to read more if you’re interested in knowing how Valicom can help you with telecom invoice auditing or telecom invoice processing.   We can also offer a hand with telecom inventory management.  And you can always use Clearview – our TEM software – to manage it in house.   Tomorrow I’ll talk about another interesting poll question we did on telecom RFPs.