Cloud Now – Cloud Forever. SaaS telecom expense management software and the future

Everywhere I turn its Cloud this and Cloud that.   It’s starting sound like bad band names from the 70s, or children’s books.  “Steve Jobs and The Cloud”  “Amazon and The Cloud” “Microsoft and The Cloud”.    If I hear “To the Cloud!” one more time, I may have to plug my ears with wax.   I suggest they make a Japanese horror movie and see if we can eradicate this rapidly-becoming-annoying menace – “Godzilla Vs The Cloud”.   Personally, I think Godzilla would win.  Especially with all that extra nuclear radiation floating around right now.

But I digress.  The Cloud is really just a concept that covers a tremendous amount of technological ground, from a way to access all your illegally pirated music online(No – not you!) to quick and dirty ways to tap into business applications remotely.  Even from something like an iPad.  I love mine, it is super easy to get into SalesForce or Clearview without having to lug a laptop around.

And as our own Clearview is just such an application, I guess the Cloud does apply to us.  Clearview is a web-based software tool that allows you to track, edit, access, and report on your telecom inventory, invoices, and contracts from anywhere.  You’re on vacation in Hawaii?  No problem.  Login and do some work without having to leave your beach chair.  Or spill your Mai-Tai.  It also has strong collaboration tools, so you can do as little work as possible while on leave and let your minions back in the office handle most of it.  Multiple users, multiple levels of access, and lots of reporting to keep track of what is going on.   We’re just trying to make your life easier.

So if you’re ready to step into The Cloud and want a better tool to manage your telecom expenses, give Clearview a look.   Or join us for a webinar we’re doing on how strong tactics and web-based software help contain telecom costs.

And enjoy your Mai Tai!