Gain accuracy and avoid late fees with electronic telecom payments

In the telecom expense management world, we know that sending checks to telecom carriers is always somewhat risky. You have little control over when the check will arrive and how it will be applied.  Unfortunately, until recently, this has been the only option for most businesses.

When the check arrives late because the mail was slow, you get hit with late fees. And what can be worse, if the check is misapplied to a different telecom account, you are stuck spending sometimes hours on the phone getting the issue resolved. And in the process, your service may even be disconnected.

Increasingly, electronic forms of disbursement are becoming accessible to small and medium sized businesses. Using technologies like ACH (Automated Clearing House) for example, you can transfer to funds directly to the telecom carrier’s account and even attach the remittance information electronically.

Using electronic methods of disbursement such as ACH ensures that your payment gets to the telecom carrier quickly and accurately. And in the long run, avoiding late fees and misapplied payments can save your organization a lot of time, and a lot of headaches.

Avoiding late fees and unnecessary disconnects is a simple, yet critical part of managing your telecommunications expenses.  By using the most modern tools and methods available, you will not only reduce costs – but also save time, which can be spent researching other, more lucrative ways to reduce your overall telecommunications spend.

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