Why a Webinar? Telecom cost control tactics & software tools for 2011

We’re happy to finally be rolling out our anticipated summer 2011 webinar on telecom cost control tactics.  And by tactics we mean what?  Well, telecom expense management has a lot of facets. Firms are interested in how to control expenses for landline telephones, wireless devices, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, data services – the list is endless.  We will go over the things you should be focusing on – where the best areas for savings are – and best practices in managing your telecom environment.

We will also be showcasing how new cloud-based software tools can make all these tasks a WHOLE lot easier than back in the old days.  If you are still tracking your cell phone inventory in an Excel spreadsheet, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Web-based, affordable telecom expense, invoice and inventory management software, like our own Clearview, will make you significantly more effective and efficient.