Telecom Expense Management Software Task List – Issue Tracking

We’re almost to the end of our posts on telecom expense management tasks made easier with TEM software.  You can go back and see what we had to say about inventorymanagement, cost allocation, telecom contracts,  telecom invoice management and order & change management.  That last one ties directly into the task of:

Issue Tracking

After discussing how telecom expense management software can assist with order & change management, we need to talk about issue tracking.   Granted, we’re sure YOU never have problems with your telecom vendors/inventory/lines/devices/users/credits etc, but you know, some people do.  And it’s a pain to manage.

So to help you remember to check your next invoice to verify the change/problem/issue you recorded was actually implemented by your vendor, the software offers an “Issues” area.  This is one of the few times in the workplace that is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged,  to talk to yourself.   At least without triggering someone in HR to send you for a psych evaluation.  Leave notes, record conversations with vendors, add details about why or how something was changed, and tag the issue with an Open and a Close date.   This works even better when you have multiple users accessing the system.  With a tidy breadcrumb trail to follow, any other user should be able to determine what happened, when it happened, and who did it.  The Issues area also gives you visibility into what you need to watch for on upcoming invoices, again streamlining the auditing process.

We’re in the home stretch!  Next post we talk about Reporting – the end all and be all of a good TEM software.  Stay tuned…..