Bringing Telecom Efficiency to the Utility Industry at EEI

I had the excellent opportunity last week to mingle and meet with a number of our nation’s largest energy utilities at their annual EEI conference in Seattle.  In addition to drinking great Washington wines, and enjoying the seasonal Copper River salmon that had just come in, I learned a great deal about the challenges of taking our energy system into the future.  Implementation of “smart grid” technology, the pressures to upgrade and expand energy delivery infrastructure, and the looming issue involved with a nation full of “plugged-in” electric cars mean that the industry is facing a variety of expenses and pressures.

So while I was learning, I was also teaching.  Valicom was were there to discuss ways to REDUCE their expenses, while streamlining and increasing visibility and control over one critical business area – their telecommunications.  Energy delivery is a critical component of our nation’s infrastructure, and the more we can do to keep it online, the better.  With strong cost control solutions like telecom invoice auditing, telecom invoice processing & payment, telecom inventory management and telecom contract negotiation, we can offer our support.  Saving 10-30% of their telecom budget means those dollars can be allocated for something else, like expansion of service, or better IT protection of smart grid technology. To find out more, I’d recommend checking out our upcoming webinar “Plugging the Leak: How Strong Tactics and Software Tools Contain Telecom & Wireless Costs”

We look forward to building partnerships with new utilities and energy-related companies, and also look forward to next year’s conference.  We’ll see you in Palm Springs!