Telecom Expense Management Software Task List – Order & Change Management

If you’re not sick of it yet, we continue in our overview of telecom expense management tasks that can be streamlined with a good TEM software, we’ve covered inventorymanagement, cost allocation, telecom contracts and telecom invoice management.  Another challenging thing to keep track of is….

Change & Order Management

If you’ve been following along here, I’m sure some of youmay have thought, while we discussed invoice auditing, “What about changes?“ Good question.

Telecom expense management software has to have a robust tracking mechanism for changes, as personnel get hired or fired, devices get retired and replaced, and buildings open and close.  Lucky for you, we thought of that.   The platform has various places that changes can be recorded, from ordering new handsets, to canceling lines or data plans.   This ensures you have an accurate historical record for everything you own, allowing proper record-keeping and reporting.