Telecom Expense Management Software Task List: Telecom Contracts

In the last few posts, we have talked about tasks you can manage in a good TEM software, starting with telecom inventory management and cost allocation.   From that we’ll move on to:

Telecom Contracts

As we’ve been discussing ways to make your life easier and save you time, document management comes to mind.   In the modern era, no one wants a file cabinet stuffed full of papers hulking in the corner of their office.  And they certainly don’t want to have to dig through it to find contract information.  A contract should be electronic, easy to find, and cross-referenced with the items it pertains to.  

How else are you going to verify your inventory items are actually being billed at the rate you agreed to pay?   And what if you need to check when a certain asset falls out of contract, or if it is still under warranty?  Again, let the software make that simple.   Scan, upload, attach.   You’re done.  Go back on break.