Telecom Expense Management Software Task List – Cost Allocation

In the last post, we talked about tasks you can manage in a good TEM software, starting with telecom inventory management, which is always fun.   From that we’ll move on to:

Cost Allocation

Another telecom management task that will conjure up memories of your Mother, or maybe your Father, is the age old question – “Who is going to pay for this thing?” Now that you know what you have, your CFO probably wants to know who is responsible for each particular business expense.  Those Accountants, always so picky.  But that is what you pay bean counters to do –  count beans.  And sometimes they even want the beans split into pieces!  It is not uncommon to have one inventory item being paid for by multiple departments.

A good telecom expense management platform can make that easy.   Just add in your Cost Centers, to whatever level of granular detail you need, then start allocating items.  Sales, Operations, Marketing, Warehousing, whatever.  If it has stuff, and it is supposed to pay for that stuff, let the software keep track of it for you. Then when you go to pay bills, or run reports (we’ll get to both of those later), it will all come out neatly on the back end.   And you can go on break.

And as soon as I’m back from break, I’ll post the next task you can manage – Telecom Contracts.  Stay tuned…..