Valicom Honored As A Top Woman Owned Business by

Madison, WI (April 19, 2011) –  Certified woman-owned telecom expense management software and telecom auditing firm Valicom is proud to be honored as part of’s 11th Annual Business Awards.  Each year collects and compiles their ‘Top Business List’ on a State and National basis. The data is used to determine the most successful woman and minority owned entrepreneurs across the United States for their awards program. Making the list puts Valicom’s name in front of Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies and College and Universities looking to do business with women-owned small businesses.  Valicom and all winners of this honor are invited to the awards ceremony in Washington, DC at the 11th Annual National Business Awards and Conference, April 19-21, 2011.

Nancy Peckham, CEO and Founder of Valicom, was pleased with the distinction, stating “Woman and minority owned businesses are an important piece of the engine that runs America’s economy.  We’re proud to be a part of that, with our strong tradition of excellence in serving our clients, while also helping them be better corporate citizens through their support of diversity.“

Having operated as a 100% woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) since 1991, Valicom provides telecom and wireless expense management services to businesses of all sizes, while also helping them fill their supplier diversity goals.  Working in industries as varied as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and public utilities, Valicom marries a commitment to customer service with a proven track record of reducing, controlling and increasing visibility into voice, data and wireless costs.

In addition to serving private corporations’ telecom management needs, the rollout of the new Small Business Administration’s Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) program offers Valicom opportunities to expand its footprint with federal, state and local government agencies.  As slashed public budgets squeeze spending at all levels, Valicom’s ability to provide reduced telecom costs and better operational efficiencies is increasingly necessary.  Funds saved through a strong telecom expense management program can then be re-allocated to other needs, enhancing the effectiveness of each tax dollar spent.

Valicom’s customized service solutions are delivered via their web-based telecom expense management software Clearview, offering a flexible range of packages that may include: telecom invoice auditing; RFP creation, telecom vendor selection and contract negotiation; telecom invoice processing, cost allocation and payment;  wireless optimization; and other ongoing telecom management services as needed.