Wireless Visibility: Wireless Expense Management Reporting

Many medium to large organizations utilize a variety of mobile management software and wireless inventory solutions whether purchased or created internally.  Specifically on the Wireless side, we see many of those companies strive to provide the managers and directors with the ability to see wireless information of the employees under their leadership, using their expense management tools. 

This information ranges from summary detail (employees wireless plans, usage, features, device, costs associated) to actual calling detail.  This detail proves important so managers can see user spend variance, approved voice and data plans and features, see call detail as needed, validate the users that are hitting their wireless budget, and ultimately reduce telecom expenses.

To get this data, it’s necessary to receive the appropriate electronic reporting monthly from your wireless vendors.  The major hurdle with this is that all vendor electronic reporting formats are different.  This is where the expertise of the Telecom Expense Management company like Valicom can assist.  We have the ability and proven expertise to take those different electronic reports from any vendor and filter them into one customized format that can be uploaded into your management system, thus allowing you to utilize this visibility for users with all of your wireless vendors.

Wireless data visibility is a great way better manage your wireless expenses, and provide a clear picture of what is hitting your wireless bottom line.