Using Telecom Software to Project and Manage Telecom Savings

Data provides the basis for Telecom and IT professionals to “make better decisions faster”. When I managed data centers and telecom activities in the past, management usually looked at the IT and telecom function as a necessary evil and an overhead department that detracts from the bottom line profits. IT and telecom can always find something to spend money on. New computers, servers, wireless devices, infrastructure upgrades, etc. Some companies treat these functions as enabling their profits and allowing them to grow through technology. No matter how your company views these functions their telecom expense management and cost reduction techniques are an inherent part of IT and telecom as they create an efficient infrastructure to perform business processes, service clients and contribute to financial growth.

Telecom cost management is one area that used to be easy to predict. Depending on how your organization utilizes communications from converged voice and data circuits to local, long distance, and wireless, the process of managing this environment can be extremely difficult. The ability to have customizable reporting, variance tracking, and asset/inventory control organized in a way that enables an organization to obtain real-time data that is always accessible is how to make better decisions faster to project savings and business cost reduction. Of course the consideration to obtain this data is to decide on whether or not managing this function is a core competency of your business. If it is, then the next decision is to “make or buy” a software tool.

Most IT organizations usually do not have the financial resources or time to re-invent the wheel. The decision to purchase a telecom expense management software as a solution can be cumbersome and expensive. Taking advantage of the software-as-a-service model can provide you with the data you need when you want it, displayed in the way that you need it, and at the price your business requires. Making this decision is a simple one with zero impact on IT’s existing infrastructure. If you haven’t reviewed the SaaS offerings to manage telecom expenses within your business you might be missing an opportunity to reduce business costs. Take a look. What have you got to lose?