Wireless Optimization. Corporate vs. Individual liable?

What does Wireless Optimization mean for your company? Is this just one of many telecom cost reduction techniques, or just a part of telecommunication expenses? Is cellular optimization important?

In short, its all of the above if you want to reduce your telecom costs and achieve control over the assets. However you respond to these questions, the fact remains that most companies need a process to guide the organization on what to purchase, how to purchase, what cost restrictions apply, who owns the telephone, the telephone number, and the expense.

Has your company dealt with these questions? Companies that do answer these questions will obtain overall telecom cost reduction, expense management and control over their important communication assets. At Valicom, we have had many requests for advice on these issues that we have created a wireless device policy for our clients.

The wireless device policy we have developed is a result of industry best practices from our experience with our clients. The policy will guide you through the process and help you gain control. If you are serious about reducing telecom costs and then download our wireless policy template that you can implement immediately at your company.