The Day the Device Died: Telecom Inventory Management

How Do You Know When Your Device Died?

One of the key challenges of telecom has always been Telecom Inventory Management. When did you get this thing and when did you disconnect it. It’s pretty important to keep track of that or your John Doe iPhone may end up in a drawer.

This is where telecom expense management software like Clearview comes in. Imagine a neat drop-down menu that says “Inventory”. From there you have an intuitive interface allowing you to see all the data on your inventory items. What is it, where is it, who has it, what vendor is it from, what features does it have, and what does it cost. The magic of integration!

In fact, the  most powerful aspect of a good telecom expense management tool is its ability to deliver the Big Picture.   Here is this bit of data, tied to this detail over here and those six things over there.   Click, click, click and you can see the whole telecom landscape in one place.

Which sure makes keeping track of your stuff easier!  What to find out more?  Request a demo of Clearview, our telecom and wireless management software today.