The Importance of an Accurate Telecom Inventory in Cutting Costs

AOTMP, a telecom expense management industry association, released a research report today showing that accurate inventory of telecom assets generate nearly 400% in audit and optimization savings.  After twenty years in the telecom auditing business, we would agree with those numbers. The challenge of tracking assets for both fixed and wireless services is a growing problem. Many firms have an inventory, but the issue lies in how well it truly represents the telecom landscape. And whether it is maintained properly over time, so that it stays accurate.

According to AOTMP, research shows that 14% to 19% of service inventories have not been validated for accuracy, which greatly minimizes their value. Enterprises maintaining a valid inventory generate nearly 400% more in audit and optimization savings as compared to those without an inventory.

And we feel that this is a key component to a good telecom management tool – tracking telecom inventory.  Clearview, our SaaS telecom expense management software, has advanced telecom inventory tracking, auditing and reporting tools designed to help you keep a handle on what you have.  To take a look at what Clearview can do for you, request a short demo today.

The report will publish on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011. To download a complimentary summary of the research findings from this Enterprise Performance Series report, or to view a comprehensive listing of all annual studies identified within AOTMP’s 2011 Research Agenda, visit