Periodic wireless optimizations can save you lots of money and time

Inside the telecommunications expense management world, wireless is one of the fastest changing and most behavior based portions of a company’s spend to manage.  One great way to head off some of the clean-up effort, is to periodically perform a wireless optimization.

This process can vary depending on the scope and requirements, but generally involves examining the behaviors, needs and other variables for each of your wireless users, and then determining how to most cost effectively meet those requirements with the plans and configurations available.

Optimization practices often require a technology process to help automate some of the more complex allocations of plans, particularly if pooling is involved.  This is just another reason to engage a TEM, such as Valicom.

Valicom has spent years developing automated wireless optimization routines that can handle dozens of variables and conditions.  These processes ensure that not only will you get the best end result, but also that you can perform an optimization as often as you need.

The more often you optimize your wireless phones, the more consistently lean and mean your wireless spend will be, and you will spend far less time chasing down credits and trying to back-date plan changes.