Cut Telecom Costs by Managing Your Local Calling Plans

When conducting local service telecom phone audits, some of the most common cost reductions opportunities are due to a need for a local calling plan or un-needed local calling plans already in place.  These are typically not large cost saving items, but can add up over time, and are very easy to implement.

Let’s start with your business phone lines or trunks.  The most common issue with line/trunk local calling plans are locations that have them on their lines, but don’t use them.  Or the problem that, to be cost effective, you have to use almost exactly the amount of calls allotted.  In most cases, the local calling plan is not necessary, and you’d be better off and cost effective without it.  Do some quick analysis or contact the vendor to make that determination.

PRI T-1 local calling plans are the other common area not managed properly.

Typically, a location using a PRI for the local dial tone should have either a local calling plan in place or be under an unlimited PRI (all local calls included in the monthly circuit fee).  Exceptions would be PRI’s used primarily for inbound or very low outbound use.  The cost difference from vendor tariff on the calls or minutes is typically much worse than the rates you can get with a plan or unlimited PRI.  If your usage is over 10,000 minutes per month, which is common, it can really get costly.

So be sure to contact your vendors and know your options.  These plans typically require short and relatively small contract commitment levels, and can help you significantly reduce your telecom expenses in the long run.

And remember, if you need help working with vendors, or reducing telecom costs, reach out for help.  Check out the various telecom expense management deployment options to find a service that’s right for you.