10 Tips to Cut the IT Budget with Telecom

Over at IT Manager Daily, a recent post covered ten great ways for IT Managers to trim their IT budget.  Number TWO was “Take another look at telecom costs”. We would agree!

In our twenty years of doing telecom expense management and telecom auditing, we’ve found that most firms are wasting anywhere from 10 to 30% of their annual IT budget.  Why?  By overpaying for telecom services.  How?  A variety of reasons, but the primary culprits are usually…

Overcharges and incorrect fees or taxes on telecom invoices.  If you don’t have a process in place to review all your invoices, all the time, rest assured that its creating a leak in your IT budget.

Poorly negotiated telecom contracts.   Telecom carriers are in business to take your money and if you don’t have a strong telecom RFP and negotiation plan in place, they will get a lot more of it than they should.

Contract compliance problems.  Once you get that telecom contract signed –  did you bother to verify you actually got what you negotiated?  And remember that isn’t just pricing, but terms & conditions as well.

Failure to optimize wireless.  With the massive growth in wireless devices and plans, if you aren’t tracking, managing and pooling your usage, you are probably paying too much.

These are just a few of the problems with IT budgets and telecom expenses.  If you want a better overview, check out our white paper “7 Strong Tactics to Contain Telecom Costs”