Gartner Reports on Trends & Growth of SaaS Apps

As Valicom’s telecom expense management software Clearview is deployed as a SaaS application (software as a service) we always keep our eyes and ears out for research and trends in that area.

Gartner released some new data yesterday on SaaS adoption.  They find that over 95 percent of organizations expect to maintain or increase their investments in software as a service (SaaS) and more than one-third have migration projects under way from on-premises to SaaS, according to their recent survey.

“Respondents cited ease and speed of deployment and cost-effectiveness as the top two reasons for adoption. Leading uses of SaaS were either replacements for on-premises applications or net-new SaaS solutions,” said Sharon Mertz, research director at Gartner.

These are the same reasons we’ve found firms adopting a SaaS application vs traditional installed on-premise software.  It is less expensive, designed leaner which makes it more intuitive and easier to learn, and the technical issues vanish when it isn’t in house.  Any updates, tech issues, upgrades, etc all get handled remotely.  No downtime, no headaches.

Read the full article here.  To check out Clearview, request a demo.