Valicom CEO Nancy Peckham to Attend Society of Telecommunications Consultants Conference

Telecom auditing and expense management firm Valicom is pleased to be involved in the Society for Telecom Consultants (STC) annual conference October 25-28 in Orlando.  Valicom founder and CEO Nancy Peckham will be attending and participating in the vendor advisory council networking session.  Valicom provides telecom consultants with the telecom expense management software Clearview and a suite of telecom auditing services to help them expand and grow their consulting practice.

Having started as a telecommunications consultant herself, Ms Peckham values the connection with STC she has maintained over the years, since serving as Executive Vice president of their board in the past.   “After being a consultant member of the STC for the first 11 years of my business, I always enjoy getting together with the top-notch professionals of the STC I have gotten to know who stand for ethics, independence and integrity in providing telecom consulting for their clients.”

Ms. Peckham continued, “I’m very excited to meet with STC members at the fall conference to address their needs for a consultant-specific tool that can save them time and money, increase their revenues and benefit their clients with our Clearview solution.”

Utilizing Clearview, a web-based telecom expense management (TEM) software, and a unique combination of business intelligence, coaching and training, Valicom has created a consultant-specific solution to increase profits by adding TEM to their portfolios.

Valicom offers a free white paper library and software demos to educate and advise consultant partners on how Clearview fits into their business.  To learn more, visit to request a demo or download the white papers “Telecom Expense Management Tools for Telecom & IT Consultants” and “To the Point: How TEM Benefits Your Consulting Business”.