Explore the Benefits of Utilizing Consultant-Specific TEM Software

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entitled “Helpful Features Provided By Consultant-Specific TEM Systems” and the sixth in a series of blogs that discusses the needs for TEM software in the consultant marketplace and the benefits of utilizing telecom expense management tools for telecom and IT consultants.

The next series of blogs will explore the benefits for consultants of utilizing TEM software in detail. The main advantages are to save time and money on consulting processes, grow the consultant’s business through expanded service offerings and to provide value-added benefits to clients.

Consultants can save time and money through the use of telecom expense management software in several ways. First of all, the traditional method of entering invoice and inventory data into spreadsheets is very time consuming. Most hosted TEM systems provide a methodology and process for one-time and on-going entry of data for consultants alleviating the need to enter information repeatedly into several spreadsheets. In addition, consultants can off-load the entire data entry process to a TEM supplier both for the initial implementation and on a monthly basis. Many TEM companies provide back office services including the loading of electronic formats and document imaging for paper bills. These systems provide access to the scanned image of the consultant’s clients’ monthly bills or customer service records (CSRs) without the need to manage paper records.

Most telecom expense management software provides some level of automated auditing and optimization tools to help the consultant to save time and to maximize their audit savings results and client recommendations. These tools can include wireless optimization, exceptions reporting, trending and variance reporting, flagging of cursory audit issues and contract compliance optimization just to name a few.

Stay tuned for my next blog to learn more about how telecom and IT consultants can save time and money by utilizing TEM software or read more by downloading the white paper entitled “Telecom Expense Management Tools for Telecom and IT Consultants”.