Test calls can reveal surprises

One of the classic TEM audit projects is determining if there are lines in your telecommunications spend that are no longer in use, but of course, still billing.  A very direct and thorough method to accomplish this is test calls.

By calling every single line in your inventory, and recording the answer status, you can then determine which lines can be disconnected.  This is an easy way to achieve cost savings quickly and clean up your telecom inventory.

Now, you might be thinking that calling all of your lines sounds daunting.  And you would be correct – assuming you were picturing calling them all manually.  This is another example of how an experienced TEM firm can help you.

At Valicom, we’ve been performing test call analysis for years.  We have automated systems that can call all of your lines, and record the type of answer, or if there even is an answer.  Our system can call hundreds of lines per day and enables a test call analysis to be completed very quickly.

In addition to performing the actual test calls themselves, Valicom can also lend expertise in helping you determine the course of action of lines with a questionable answer status.  You may have alarm lines for example, that won’t answer, but do indeed need to remain active.