"Telecom Expense Management on Your Terms" Earns Valicom Sustained High Client Satisfaction Scores

A winning combination of customized telecom expense management solutions and personalized service earns Valicom record high client satisfaction scores for first and second quarter 2010.

Soliciting feedback from customers, to gauge their level of satisfaction with your services, is an age old tradition in business. This deep desire for information drives everything from “Secret Shoppers” to the toll-free “Tell us how we’re doing?” number printed on the back of a receipt. For Valicom, it shows in our eleven year tradition of surveying clients quarterly, to learn how well we are delivering in eight key areas: professionalism, overall expectation, communication, quality and accuracy, understanding client needs, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, and overall value.

Thus we were very happy to see that our record high score of 3.79, on a 4.0 scale, from 4th quarter 2009 has been sustained into 2010. With an increasing number of companies trying to do more with less, the cost-saving telecom expense management software and telecom audit services we deliver can really impact the bottom line. In addition, Valicom differentiates itself from the competition by offering a wide range of in-house and outsourced solutions, giving clients the option of how they want their services tailored. This combination of flexibility, top-notch business expense reduction results and excellence in customer service has proven a winning combination for Valicom for almost twenty years.

As stated by Jeff Poirior, Valicom’s Chief Operating Officer, “Learning where we are excelling, and where we need revisions in delivering our services, is key to continuous improvement. We always look to exceed expectations, not just meet them. We’re in pursuit of that perfect client satisfaction score, and each step closer we get shows we’re bringing our A game. Our clients deserve no less.”

Valicom continues to serve the telecom expense management needs of small to mid-sized businesses and enterprise clients. Their newest addition is Clearview, a leading edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) telecom expense management software platform.