Remember when T1's were cool?

In the world of telecommunications, technology changes quickly.  And so do people’s expectations.  When I was in college, apartment complexes would brag of having a dedicated T1 for their building to provide Internet for their tenants.  At the time, this seemed pretty awesome.  Thinking back, nobody really new what a T1 was – we just knew it was fast.

Having worked for a TEM now for the past 6 years, and knowing very well just what a T1 is – I can’t image using a single T1 to provide Internet for dozens of apartments.  After all, a T1 only provides roughly a quarter of a typical residential broadband connection.

It’s also interesting that some carriers still advertise T1 circuits for data as if they’re the cat’s pajamas.  And while a T1 certainly has it’s applications – dollar for dollar, it’s pretty expensive bandwidth compared to some of the other options.

Helping clients stay current on the telecommunications technologies available, and making sure they are using these technologies to their advantage is something we do every day at Valicom.  A good relationship with a TEM firm should always provide more than just cost reduction – the TEM firm should also bring knowledge and expertise to the table to help guide your strategies and telecommunication technology projects.