What Are The Keys To TEM Program Success For Small to Mid-Size Businesses?

In an earlier blog dated July 20, 2010 entitled “What are Mid-Sized Organizations Doing About Controlling Telecom Expenses?,” we left you with the question: “What are the keys to telecom expense management (TEM) program success for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs)?”

Well, according to the AOTMP report entitled “The Value of TEM to the SMB,” the following are the keys to TEM success for SMBs:

  • “Focusing on program activities presenting the greatest opportunity for savings”
  • “Implementing TEM tools, such as TEM technology and supporting program initiatives.” These tools and technologies include licensed software, hosted solutions and SaaS options.
  • “Securing program support from skilled resources, which may include internal staff, consultants and/or third party subject matter experts, to drive program initiatives.”

This report further drives home the significant economic benefit of implementing a TEM program for SMBs. AOTMP states that “SMBs with a TEM program save 22% more than companies who do not.” The majority of middle market companies spend anywhere from $150k to $5M in annual telecom expenses. 22% savings on these expenses would equate to $33,000 – $1,100,000 in annual savings for these companies. Now wouldn’t you like to add those savings to YOUR bottom line?!!

To read more about this topic, click on this link to register for Valicom’s whitepaper entitled “Can TEM SaaS Solutions Lower Your Telecom Expenses For Mid-Market Companies?” OR register to watch the stream of the webinar sponsored by Valicom about this topic. Enjoy!