To SaaS Or Not To SaaS

To be or not to be? That is the question… What Shakespeare was contemplating with this famous quote from Hamlet, was “Is it better to live or to die?” Can this same philosophy be contemplated with the use of software-as-a-solution, or “SaaS” technology? Well, while it is not a matter of life or death, mid-market companies have experienced numerous benefits to utilizing SaaS solutions to automate various functions within their organizations.

Along with a rapid growth in cloud computing over the past few years, there are several areas where SaaS has been widely adopted by mid-market corporations seeking low costs, better management and deeper visibility into their expenses.  These areas include sales automation or CRM (, web conferencing (, web development and blogging (WordPress) as well as other general applications, like the GoogleDocs suite. SaaS is quite new to the world of managing telecom expenses, with little awareness of its availability to the mid-market, and few telecom expense management suppliers offering it.

The utilization of SaaS telecom expense management technology can be beneficial to mid-market businesses for several reasons. SaaS eliminates the hardware, security and professional management issues and costs of running software in-house, so it’s faster to deploy, cheaper to maintain, and easier to upgrade. Using an on-demand telecom management tool, along with training on best practices, eliminates dependence on telecom providers or TEM service firms.  Companies do not need to hire an expert as their internal staff becomes the expert.

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