Treat the cause, not the symptom

Just as with medicine, companies often make the mistake of treating the symptoms, not the causes, when it comes to their telecommunications audit practices.

When approaching a telecommunications audit project, it’s important to first identify all of the potential ways that the telecommunications spend could be made more efficient, and cost effective. This could be compared to a basic physical performed by your family doctor. The purpose is to get a baseline understanding of the overall health of the telecommunications spend and to identify broad areas that require additional focus and improvement.

During the next phase however, it’s critical to not just try to recoup savings and credits, but to also make adjustments to both how the company’s telecommunications technologies are implemented and billed, but also to how the company itself manages those assets and invoices.

The message here is that a preventative approach is ideal for both an individual’s physical health, as well as achieving a prolonged and sustained cost reduction model for a company’s telecommunications expenses. By identifying the causes of errant costs and misguided uses of technology, a company can move forward with a stronger sense of what needs to be done to stay on top of keeping the company’s telecommunications expenses as low as possible.