Telecom Confusion and An Unanswered Need For Control In The Middle Market

In the telecom world, since divestiture in the early 80's, there has been a proliferation of new choices, plans, suppliers and technologies. During this period, the internet, wireless services and wide area network technologies have transformed the industry.

The internet was born in the 90's and has grown to unprecedented levels. The demand for cellular technology has skyrocketed, taking market share from traditional land line phones and bringing a plethora of voice, data and internet applications to individuals and businesses anytime, anywhere. 

Wide area data network technologies, such as frame relay and MPLS, have allowed for enormous amounts of data to be shared between corporate locations across the globe.

All of this growth and opportunity in the telecom industry has left mid-market businesses ($10M to $500M in revenues) in a state of confusion, and with an unanswered need for greater control over their telecom expenses. Telecom expense management handles mobile and wireless expenses. Valicom even has a tool for that -- our telecom expense management software, Clearview.