Physician uptake of smartphones grows by 60%

According to Healthcare IT News – physician adoption of smartphones is experiencing exponential growth, as reported in “Point of Care Communications for Physicians,” a new study from Spyglass Consulting Group.

The report reveals 94 percent of physicians are using smartphones… This represents a 60 percent increase from 2006, based on Spyglass’ findings in a similar study published that year.

They are migrating to the new wireless devices to help them manage their data flow,  connect with colleagues and improve patient care. It also allows them to better allocate their time, as they no longer have to check various avenues of communication – voice mails, email, SMS messages, text, etc – but can have it all delivered in one place.  This means less opportunity for critical patient data too fall through the cracks, generating better, more efficient care.

For us, the possible recipient of this improved physician performance, this is great news. But for the IT and finance departments at your local healthcare clinic or hospital, it means one more line item in the budget to manage. And a pile of wireless devices and data plans to juggle.  All of which costs money, often more money than it should…

This is where efficient telecom expense control, wireless device management, and employee wireless policy solutions become critical.  Implementing a telecom expense management (TEM) software platform to organize and audit those telecom costs can save up to 30% of annual wireless telecom budgets, freeing that money up to pay for other things. Like healthcare!

Read the full article here. Feel free to download a copy of our Wireless Policy Template or check out a demo of our TEM software platform Clearview.