What Are Organizations Doing About Controlling Telecom Expenses?

In an earlier blog dated July 9, 2010, we left you with the question: “What are organizations doing about controlling telecom expenses?” Well here is the answer:

Not enough. Most organizations have not deployed either internal or external telecom expense management (TEM) programs, usually because they do not have the trained staff to do it. Also, according to AOTMP, “there is a common perception of greater effort and cost than financial gain” causing “small and medium size businesses (SMB) to shy away from implementing a TEM program.”

So there is a disconnect between need and solution. In trying to drive home the point, AOTMP further reports that, “the keys to a productive and financially beneficial TEM program are establishing an inventory of telecom services, features, configurations, charges and service providers,and maintaining invoice accuracy. Technology assists in unifying a TEM program.

This AOTMP research also reported the following top telecom priorities for SMBs.

So, what really are the TEM program keys to success? Contact Valicom for a risk-free consultation to find out.