Mid-Market Companies’ Current Approach to Managing Telecom Expenses

Have you ever wondered what the most common mid-market approach is to managing telecom expenses today?

During a recent AberdeenGroup telecom expense management webinar sponsored by Valicom on the topic of SaaS TEM Solutions for the mid-market, there was an informal poll conducted with 75 mid-market attendees around the question “What is your current approach to managing telecom expenses?” The results of the responses are shown in the graph below:

This poll indicated that the majority of attendees used an internal manual processing approach to telecom expense management. Contingency audits comprised the majority of outsourced services available to mid-market companies, and other telecom expense management solutions are virtually non-existent for medium-sized businesses.

Greater telecom expense complexities drive larger organizations to deploy homegrown applications and on-premise software; however they tend to be too complex and costly for mid-market companies. According to Hyoun Park, Research Analyst, Telecom and Unified Communications at AberdeenGroup: “AberdeenGroup research shows a large need with middle market organizations for on-demand telecom expense management solutions. This TEM technology brings the control and cost efficiencies of large enterprise expense management to mid-market corporations who have historically lacked the internal resources and expense volume to realize benefits.”

To find out more about the benefits of TEM software SaaS solutions for the mid-market, click on this link to Valicom’s whitepaper entitled “Can TEM SaaS Solutions Lower Telecom Expenses For Mid-Market Companies?” OR godownload a streaming video of the telecom expense management webinar sponsored by Valicom about this topic.