Falling Victim to Overstated Telecom and Tech Claims

As with so many industries, the TEM industry has fallen victim to overstated claims and bloated features. Over the past 10 years, as more and more TEM startups have formed, the need to differentiate has become ever more important.

However, while so much has changed in the ways that telecommunications expense management firms market their services and products, the core goals behind the industry have largely remained the same:  lower telecommunications expenses.

Considering this, while reviewing a particular TEM’s long list of feature’s and benefits, it’s important to continually ask yourself which items actually lend a direct advantage to realizing the greatest reduction in cost, as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve narrowed that list down – the only question left to answer are more traditional.  What kind of culture does this company have?  What are the company’s values?  Does the company have a clear vision that drives the core goals?

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the bells and whistles – most of which probably won’t change your bottom line all that much.  And in all of that distraction, it’s easy to forget to evaluate some of the more low-level, core aspects to the TEM you are considering selecting.